Writing stories about war, people, and the drama between the two. Sometimes with swords, and sometimes with submarines.

R. G. Roberts

You can find my work on Kindle Vella, Amazon, and other sellers. .My (non-free) ebooks will remain exclusive to Amazon, but my paperbacks and hardcovers are slowly going wide. Just like it says on the tin, I write fiction centered on war: fantasy, thriller, or alternate history. Sometimes I dabble in sheer human drama (looking at you, Against the Wind), but usually, you can find my military roots in the stories I tell. War breeds emotion, and emotion has stories to tell.

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R.G. Roberts is a ten year veteran of the United States Navy and a 2004 graduate of Norwich University’s Corps of Cadets (there’s a “back in the Old Corps” joke lurking here). After getting out of the Navy, she moved into medical manufacturing, where she’s now a production manager.

She has a myriad of degrees and hobbies that set her up well as a writer in her chosen genres: an undergrad in history (with a love of both Tudor England and (particularly) the late Roman Republic), a Masters in Strategic Studies and National Security from the Naval War College, and a Masters in Writing Fiction. Back before the Navy wrecked her knee, her hobbies included horseback riding and fencing (yes, with swords!).

Now that she’s mostly grown up, she lives in New England with her wife and two Siberian Huskies.

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