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Published by R.G. Roberts

R.G. Roberts is a multi-genre author, and has published military thrillers, science fiction, epic fantasy, and alternate history. ​In real life, she has experience fencing (with swords) and horseback riding (mainly hunter/jumper), which combines with her history degree to make an excellent fantasy writer pedigree. Her love of Siberian Huskies (and the two currently shedding in her house) are the inspiration for wolves in the World of the Legacy. ​For military battles and thriller inspiration, she draws on her experience as a veteran of the U.S. Navy. While an officer in the Navy, R.G. Roberts served on three ships, taught at the Surface Warfare Officer’s School, and graduated from the U.S. Naval War College with a masters degree in Strategic Studies & National Security, with a concentration in leadership. ​Nowadays, she lives in Connecticut and works as a Manufacturing Manager for a major medical device manufacturer. Filling so many leadership roles has given her a lifelong fascination with good and bad leaders, which is why you see examples of both in her writing. If there's one common theme in all of her books, regardless of genre, you'll find leadership at the core. Good leaders forced to make hard choices form excellent story backbones.

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