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Published by R.G. Roberts

Who am I to critique characters in hit movies, TV shows, or bestsellers? Basically, I’m someone who writes good leaders and bad in fiction. I also have twenty-plus years in leadership roles, ranging from college to the U.S. Navy to corporate America. I’ve seen a lot of crap, but I don’t know everything, so feel free to hit me up with your own experiences and opinions. The worst I can do is disagree with you, and even then, I bet we’ll both learn something. R. G. Roberts is a writer of fantasy, thrillers, and historical fiction. A 2004 graduate of Norwich University, she spent ten years in the U.S. Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer, serving on three ships: USS Cape St. George (CG 71), USS Independence (LCS 2), and USS Nitze (DDG 94). She has a Masters in National Security & Strategy from the US Naval War College and is working on a Master of Arts in Writing with Albertus Magnus College.

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