Fantasy: Usually Epic…Sometimes Silly

Age of the Legacy

Can an outlaw save a broken world? Can an outlaw save a broken nation? Shade is no one’s friend and swears he’s no hero. Yet Night Riders are not loners, and he cannot restore a conquered nation alone. Four unlikely heroes will rise, marked by tragedy and fate. Together, they have one chance to save a legacy greater than nations, armies, and songs. NIGHT RIDER is an epic fantasy in a ruined world with hints of hope, for fans of Game of Thrones & LOTR. 

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In a world where friends are a liability, Night Riders like Shade have none. When a man who was once his friend—and knows the identity he cannot share with the world—chances upon him, Shade makes the mistake of making the smallest personal connection. Both are outlaws, hunted by the very Olorians who conquered their nation. Capture means a slow and painful death; living means fighting a guerilla war against overwhelming odds. A novella and prequel to Night Rider.

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Travel back into the critical days of the war between Evendar and Olor, before Night Riders like Shade were even dreamt of. The Battle the Bridge centers around Caiden Noyce, the legendary general who is both Protector of and Heir to Evendar…but as history will tell you, losing the battle only makes his legend grow.

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Every legend has a beginning. Follow Risk as he becomes the second Night Rider – after hunting Shade down and insisting he join this madness.

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Illuria was the City of Light, the mother city of Evendar herself. But when King Varariand Amarai travels to his people’s ancestral home, he finds secrets he did not expect…and brings home a gift that will matter in the future.

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Other Fantasies

An unlucky (or lucky?) travelling pottery saleswoman falls in with a magical talking horse who claims he’s a unicorn. She technically owns “Fido,” but he’s definitely in charge–and what in the world is a lowborn girl going to do with a too-smart magical horse/unicorn/beast, anyway? Short answer: find a way to make some money. Unfortunate truth: stumble into adventure along the way. A silly and fun fantasy serial designed Not To Be Taken Seriously.

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This princess hunts dragons.

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