Night Rider: The World of the Legacy

Evendar was the light of the world for almost 800 years.  But a war against their age-old enemy, Olor, ended in betrayal…and the fall of a once-proud empire. With the king and heir dead, her people enslaved, and Olor’s harsh rule suppressing once-cherished freedoms, hope is hard to find.

But there are those who resist. Outlaws known as Night Riders take the fight to Olor before disappearing into the shadows. An underground rebellion brews in the capital city. A secluded safe haven for the Evendarian elite plans a war. And even those closest to the Olorian queen may not be trustworthy…

With their nation long conquered, Night Riders like Shade are the only defense Evendarians have. Yet it will take more than outlaws to save a fallen empire. Nikolas is a student, burning to make a difference. Reyma hides dangerous visions from her mother the queen. Rhea Belldoria builds an entire rebellion underground while Shade sparks revolution…neither knowing they need the other. NIGHT RIDER is an epic fantasy in a world with hints of hope, for fans of The Witcher and LOTR. New episodes every week on Kindle Vella.

In a world where friends are a liability, Night Riders like Shade have none. When a man who was once his friend—and knows the identity he cannot share with the world—chances upon him, Shade makes the mistake of making the smallest personal connection. Both are outlaws, hunted by the very Olorians who conquered their nation. Capture means a slow and painful death; living means fighting a guerilla war against overwhelming odds. A novella and prequel to Night Rider.

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Travel back into the critical days of the war between Evendar and Olor, before Night Riders like Shade were even dreamt of. The Battle the Bridge centers around Caiden Noyce, the legendary general who is both Protector of and Heir to Evendar…but as history will tell you, losing the battle only makes his legend grow.

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Every legend has a beginning. Follow Risk as he becomes the second Night Rider – after hunting Shade down and insisting he join this madness.

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