War of the Submarine

2037: Underwater exploitation has changed the world. Every nation wants territory, and no one wants war. The world spins closer to war, and Alex Coleman never wanted to be a hero…but the enemy always gets a vote. 

War of the Submarine: the serial

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Prequel: Before the Storm

A band of modern-day pirates station-hops across the Indian Ocean. Each attack bolder and more costly than the last, these pirates leave behind a trail of broken bodies, businesses, and stolen submarines at every undersea station they visit—and it’s up to Lieutenant Commander Alex Coleman and USS Kansas (SSN 810) to stop them. Novella length – not included in the serial.

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Book 1: Cardinal Virtues

Every nation wants territory, and no one wants war…until someone sinks a civilian submarine. Trying to save that sub throws Alex’s career down the crapper and makes the U.S. everyone’s favorite scapegoat. Exile to Armistice Station leaves him bored and useless—until a hostile takeover puts him right in the middle of the action. Alex Coleman is no hero. Heroes don’t explode coffee creamer fireballs and hijack cruise ships. 

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Book 2: The War No One Wanted

World War III is going badly for the U.S. Navy, and submariners who make history rarely come home. Alex Coleman’s boat is old enough to drink and his crew a few beers short of a six pack. But he has to find a way to pull them together before embarking on a dangerous mission into the undersea wild west to rescue a group of scientists who might be able to change the course of the war.  

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Never Take a Recon Marine to a Casino Robbery

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